Protective bedspread "Lotus flower" for Puppy Charms dog

Protective bedspread “Lotus flower”

We present you an extraordinary bedspread that not only brings warmth and comfort to your bedroom space, but also acts as a color therapy and naturotherapy tool. Our bedspread was created with your emotional and physical well-being in mind.


69.60  Najniższa cena z 30 dni przed obniżką.

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Protective and decorative throw "Lotus Flower" for a bed, armchair, sofa and for use in many other places. Easy to clean, unique design and function to improve well-being through the use of color therapy and naturotherapy.

The color and pattern of the bedspread are intended to increase your self-esteem and reduce the feeling of incompetence. By using appropriate colors and patterns, the protective blanket influences your mind and subconscious, helping you believe in your strength and skills.

Additionally, the protective blanket is aimed at combating the incorrect understanding of power and social role in the herd. Through naturotherapy and color therapy, the bedspread helps you find harmony and balance in social relationships, bringing a sense of acceptance and wholeness.

Our product not only works on the emotional level, but also has a beneficial effect on your physical health. Through its detoxifying, unblocking and cleansing properties, the bedspread affects the immune system, strengthening it and protecting it against diseases.

The use of the bedspread is versatile and beneficial to you. The "Lotus Flower" protective blanket has unique effects, including: stimulates appetite, stimulates the brain and improves reflexes. It helps fight sadness, melancholy and depression, restoring your joy and inner strength. Additionally, it relieves digestive problems and helps with stomach, liver and intestinal diseases. It improves memory, relaxes, calms down, enhances concentration and improves the functioning of the immune and hormonal systems. It eliminates pain, supports the circulatory system, regulates blood pressure and affects the proper functioning of organs.

Advantages of the "Lotus Flower" bedspread
Exceptional ease of putting on and taking off allows for quick transfer between rooms
The specially selected type of material allows for exceptionally easy cleaning of hair, fur and hair from the bedspread
The colors and pattern were designed to help with diseases and strengthen the chakras of each user
The printed pattern is made using a special method that brings out juicy colors that give a unique character to your interior
  • anemia
  • acute inflammation,
  • anxiety
Why is it worth choosing our bedspread?

It's simple. It not only offers warmth and comfort, but also affects your well-being and health. The overhead price compared to the benefits you can gain is extremely low. It's an investment in your well-being that brings many emotional and physical benefits.

Don't wait any longer, choose our bedspread and experience the positive impact of color therapy and nature therapy on your life. Discover how colors and patterns can change your well-being and bring harmony to your bedroom.

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