Animals are extremely sensitive to the energies around them and live with a different level of vibrational energy than humans.

Chacrotherapy for animals

Chacrotherapy is a form of natural therapy that uses the power of chakras to heal animals. It can help animals relieve pain, improve mood and overall health.

For those unfamiliar with the chakra system, it is easy to imagine the subtle energy body, consisting of chakras connected by meridians and surrounded by an aura, as a car engine, while the physical body is like a vehicle powered by this engine. We can see that when a car starts to run less efficiently or breaks down, it is the engine itself that needs to be repaired or adjusted, not the bodywork. So is the subtlety of the energy body.

- chacrotherapy for animals

Like us, your pet's body is not just physical, it is composed of energy with spiritual consciousness.

Chakras are the main energy centers running through their body that help absorb and distribute energy throughout the body.

Chakras are energy vortices in our body that affect our well-being and functioning. There are seven main chakras that are located along the center of the body. Each of these chakras plays an important role in regulating our response to the energy around us.

Harnessing chakra energy can be part of a holistic approach to treating your pet's emotional and mental health.

Animals, like all other living things, have a chakra system.

This comprehensive system consists of swirling vortices of energy, also known as "petals" in the Eastern tradition, that flow through their bodies. Universal energy such as Prana, Chi and Ki flows in and out of the chakras, moving along the energy system, the aura and finally reaching the physical body. The flow of energy is both inward and outward. Therefore, every thought, action and emotion affects the chakras and is reflected in the aura. External stimuli, both positive and negative, also affect the chakras and leave an imprint on the aura, including physical trauma. This applies to both animals and humans.

“Any type of healing should always begin with the brachial chakra to open the flow of energy to heal the body, rebalance all chakras and restore a healthy human-animal connection.”

chacrotherapy for animals
The first chakra - the root
it is responsible for survival and grounding. If it is unbalanced or blocked, it usually manifests as nervousness, fear or a strong flight reaction in your pet. It can also express itself in the body through weight problems such as overeating or being underweight, regardless of diet.
The second chakra - sacral

deals with feelings and sexuality. Its blockage often manifests itself as an imbalance through unexplained restlessness or simply an inability to calm down, your pet is constantly agitated, in full readiness for action.

Third chakra - solar plexus

it is responsible for feeling self-confidence and independence. If it is unbalanced or overactive, it can manifest as: separation anxiety, anger, aggression, withdrawal, depression and lack of a sense of humor.

Fourth chakra - heart

is the chakra connecting the lower and upper chakras, deals with the feeling of love, gratitude, care, compassion and empathy. Order in the herd and hierarchy in the herd. When not fully open or unbalanced, it can lead to jealousy, possessiveness, emotional grief or separation anxiety, as well as a general reluctance to interact with other cats or dogs around them.

Fifth Chakra - Throat

this chakra controls communication, the thyroid, and the endocrine system. If unbalanced, it can often manifest as excessive vocal communication in your cat or dog, such as meowing and whining, inability to listen to commands, ignoring you when called, etc., just general communication issues.

Sixth Chakra - Third Eye

it's about self-acceptance. If it is not open, unbalanced or blocked, it can manifest itself as a lack of self-acceptance, hostility to establishing relationships, independence. Physically, your pet may have problems with headaches and eye pain, including amblyopia.

Seventh chakra - crown

it is the chakra that connects with the spirit. When unbalanced or unreceptive, it can often manifest itself in the pet's behavior in the form of depression and lack of engagement with the surrounding environment.

- chacrotherapy for animals

Like us, your pet's body is not just physical, it is composed of energy with spiritual consciousness.

Working with your pet's chakras to open, flow, and be in harmony can greatly help your pet recover from physical and emotional trauma as they operate on a basic instinctive level.

Any type of healing should always start with the shoulder chakra to open the energy flow for healing the body, rebalancing all chakras and restoring a healthy human-animal connection.

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