Nature therapy for animals


Welcome to Puppy Charms - a place where together, we take care of your pooch's high energy and ever-wagging tail. Products on the store marked with the whale icon - are designed according to the principles of Animal Reiki, color therapy and chakrotherapy.

Katarzyna Oleś

How to take care of your Puppy's health and mood?

Characteristic of naturotherapy for animals is a holistic approach to the patient, both two-legged and four-legged :) In the case of natural medicine, the key to recovery is to work on the whole organism - taking into account emotional and psychological aspects.

In order to be able to effectively treat specific diseases, it is necessary to reach their source by analyzing all possible factors, including also indirect and seemingly unrelated ones.

Naturotherapy focuses on restoring balance and harmony in the body through the use of natural methods and substances.


Examples of techniques used in nature therapy are:
- herbalism
- coloroterapia
- aromatherapy
- music therapy
By strengthening the body's natural self-regulatory mechanisms, it is possible to support healing processes and restore health and balance in the body.

That is why at Puppy Charms we focus on identifying and eliminating factors that may contribute to health problems.

Analysis of all possible factors is important, even those seemingly unrelated to the condition. Naturotherapy seeks to identify all potential causes and develop a personalized treatment plan that includes lifestyle changes, diet, supplementation, relaxation techniques and other appropriate natural therapies.

Naturotherapy for animals, the wonderful world of color and chakra therapy is simple, fast, and how you can take advantage of it from now on :)

Our jackets, sweatshirts or bedspreads serve a dual function:

1 - useful

(They are made of high quality materials - produced in Europe, sewn and printed in Europe, in family-owned small factories)

2 - health and prevention

(by using the principles of color therapy, chakrotherapy, music therapy, Animal Reiki, and psychosomatics)

  • alleviate undesirable symptoms of body function disorders
  • support regenerative processes
  • reduce stress
  • lower the level of adrenaline and cortisol
  • improve the functioning of the digestive, urinary, respiratory and neurological systems
  • they increase self-confidence
  • increase the production of endorphins into the dopamine type
  • improve your pet's overall health

Take care of your own health - or naturotherapy for animals with Puppy Charms

By entering the Puppy Charms website, you gain access to high-quality products that support natural methods of treatment and care of animals.

Our store offers a wide selection of products that have been carefully selected for their quality and their positive impact on animal health.

In addition, you can find here valuable information, articles and advice on animal health and welfare that will help you understand and care for your pet's needs.

When you shop at Puppy Charms, you can be sure that you are choosing products and services that are carefully selected and can benefit your pet.

In addition, you can feel part of our friendly community that shares your passion for animals and care for their health.

This allows your pet to enjoy a better well-being and quality of life.

A few words from our CEO - Ruffus!!!

You ask:

How can you take care of your pooch today?

Choose one of our products in the store marked with the Animal Reiki sign with a whale.

These are products in which animal naturotherapy for animals was a major theme in the design process.

These jackets and sweatshirts are specially designed by our mother - my mother works with energy, colors and vibrations. He rescues pets even from hopeless cases - even when conventional medicine no longer sees hope.

Even when the vet says - euthanasia is the best, most humane option.

Wondering how it works?

Read our opinions - :)

With love to you Rufus, Lucy, Casey

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What do we work with at Puppy Charms?

It is important to emphasize, at Puppy Charms we do not want to reject traditional veterinary care, we want to show you that you can additionally gain by opening up to alternative medicine. Cooperation with a veterinarian and other forms of treatment may be necessary in cases of serious conditions.

Puppy Charms promotes an integrative approach where different therapeutic methods are used to achieve optimal results for your pooch's health.

Naturotherapy for animals is something that really helps.