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Dog sweatshirt – “Mandala”

We present you a post-operative dog outfit/sweatshirt “Mandala”, made of high-quality cotton. Our clothes not only provide exceptional comfort to your pet, but also carry healing vibrations through skillfully selected color therapy, which can contribute to comprehensive care for its health.

  • Our sweatshirts, made of high-quality cotton, not only have unique patterns, but also carry healing vibrations.
  • The sweatshirt is easy to put on and take off and does not require unnatural bending of the dog’s paws.
  • You can successfully wash it in a washing machine, it does not dye.
  • A comfortable, soft and warm sweatshirt that does not restrict your dog’s movements.
  • The colors and pattern will naturally improve your mood and immunity.
Od: 50.40 

Dog clothing, sweatshirt "Mandala" - was created to ensure thermal comfort for your dog. It is soft, does not restrict movement, is comfortable and warm.

It doesn't matter if your dog just needs warmth on colder days. Or maybe I need support with color therapy after the procedure. This sweatshirt offers both benefits at once.

An additional advantage, apart from ensuring thermal comfort, is the use of color therapy.

Cotton, next to silk, transmits vibrations of the highest frequency among all natural fabrics. That's why we chose cotton as the material for the production of our Puppy Charms sweatshirts. We want your pet to benefit from this natural source of healing. The choice of pattern and color is not accidental. Nasze produkty powstały w oparciu o zasady: naturoterapię oraz koloroterapię.

If you don't know which sweatshirt pattern and color is the best to naturally support your dog's health and mood - do the test.

Post-operative dog clothing, the "Mandala" sweatshirt, was created to fully synchronize all the basic anatomical systems of your pet.

Regardless of what disorder it is dealing with, the colors and pattern used in this sweatshirt are perfect for any pet. The sweatshirt and pattern are designed to calmly and evenly synchronize all of your dog's organs, hormones and senses.

The use of the "Mandala" sweatshirt is multi-faceted. It stimulates appetite, improves mood and relieves problems related to the reproductive and urinary systems. Additionally, the sweatshirt warms, regenerates the body, stimulates circulation and eliminates cramps. It is also recommended in cases of long-term sadness, loss and difficulties in relationships.

The "Mandala" sweatshirt relaxes, calms down, enhances concentration and improves the functioning of the immune and hormonal systems. It eliminates pain, supports the circulatory system, regulates blood pressure and affects the proper functioning of organs. Additionally, the sweatshirt stimulates intuition and calms the nervous system, regulates hormone secretion and is ideal for meditation. It improves concentration, relieves pain and treats inflammation.

Advantages of the "Mandala" sweatshirt
A soft, delicate cotton sweatshirt that does not restrict the dog's movements
Increases thermal comfort on colder days and after veterinary procedures
Made in the philosophy of Animal Reiki and color therapy
Color and pattern:
  • It stimulates the appetite

  • It improves the mood

  • It alleviates reproductive and urinary problems

  • It warms

  • It regenerates the body

  • Stimulates circulation

  • Removes cramps

  • It is recommended for long-term feelings of sadness, loss and difficulties in relationships

  • It relaxes

  • Calms down

  • Improves the function of the immune and endocrine systems

  • Eliminates pain

  • Supports the circulatory system

  • Regulates blood pressure

  • It affects the proper functioning of the organs

  • Stimulates the brain

  • Improves reflexes

  • It helps fight sadness, melancholy, depression and regain joy and inner strength

  • It facilitates digestion

  • It helps with stomach, liver and intestinal diseases

  • Improves memory

  • Calms the nervous system

  • Regulates the secretion of hormones

  • Perfect for meditation

  • It improves concentration

  • It relieves pain

  • Heals inflammation

  • It awakens intuition

By choosing a post-operative dog outfit, a Puppy Charms sweatshirt in the "Mandala" motif, you will provide your pet not only with a beautiful appearance, but also with support in taking care of its health and balance. Give your pet comfort, style and comprehensive health care.

How to choose the right sweatshirt size?

We made sure that each dog had a perfectly matched size of his jacket or sweatshirt. It is worth making sure that our pet is happy from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. The size of the clothes is the most important thing. Thanks to it, the jacket or sweatshirt will not move or expose certain parts of the body, exposing them to cold or moisture. In the case of a dog sweatshirt, we should collect three dimensions:

  • length from the neck to the beginning of the tail,
  • chest circumference,
  • neck circumference.

Both the jacket and the sweatshirt are dog clothes in several sizes, differing only by a few cm. Therefore, the better the dimensions taken, the better fitting the clothes. To collect dimensions, use a flexible measure well suited to the place from which you take the dimension. And remember! It's better to buy a slightly larger jacket or sweatshirt than one that's too small.

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