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26 October 2022
Casey Great Dane on a walk in a jacket made of softshell with a gorgeous black and white leaf pattern

How does a dog jacket improve your and your dog’s health?

How you feel as well as your dog in reality. This translates into your mental state and, consequently, your physical health. But how can a dog jacket reduce the risk of depression or other disease? It is all a matter of energy, the level of vibration that your body sends out.
24 October 2022
Rhodesian Ridgeback Lucy in dog jacket softshell princess pattern

Dog clothes aren’t just about fashion

Clothes for dogs are treated by many skeptics as a luxury or meeting the owner's needs to be fashionable and trendy. Jackets and clothes for dogs, however, are not only about looks. This is above all - the comfort of our canine friends on cold or rainy days.
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