Bedspread for dog - Easy to clean - healing giraffe pattern

Giraffe bedspread

Is your dog’s hair everywhere too? It was for this reason that a bedspread was made of a material that is easy to clean, and at the same time is in colours that care for your pet.

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For now there are 3 awesome patterns which you can use to decorate your interior and protect it from damage or dirt.
Bedspread, sofa, armchair, couch and many other places that easily protect against dirt, hair and fur. Easy to clean. In colours that will enliven any interior and give your pets energy for the whole day 🙂




A special hole for attaching the leash from the collar does not allow the jacket to move and pull the hood.

Fitted bedspreads

So that the bedspread does not slide off when your pet climbs or gets off, all the elastic rubber is sewn in, which makes it easier to attach to the edge of the bed, sofa, couch, armchair and other places where it will be used.

The softshell has a strong waterproof coating so most of the water does not touch your dog while walking.

Easy hair removal

The material is extremely easy to clean from hair and fur. It is enough to shake vigorously to make the hair detach from the surface of the bedspread. Of course, it can be washed so that the dirt that accumulates after some time is easily removed.

We live in constant motion in our house, we have a large garden where, whenever the weather is, we go crazy in sand, grass, leaves, earth and even roll as much as possible on ordinary paving stones.

After returning home, our bed would probably look like a tornado, so our parents use a bedspread so as not to damage the couch. It is nice to touch, you can sleep on it, it smells good (parents often clean it). In addition, these colours are so cool, it’s better than a boring gray sofa.



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