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How does a dog jacket improve your and your dog’s health?

Rhodesian Ridgeback Lucy in dog jacket softshell princess pattern
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24 October 2022
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This translates into your mental state and, consequently, your physical health. But how can a dog jacket reduce the risk of depression or other disease? It is all a matter of energy, the level of vibration that your body sends out ( more about it in the next article).

So how does a dog jacket improve your health?

Imagine the situation. You come home after 10 hours of work. Another tough day at work, a stressful meeting, a reprimand from the boss and that constantly gossiping colleague of yours. There are tons of other responsibilities waiting for you at home. It’s cold, dark, drizzle outside and the last thing on your mind is taking your dog foa walk.
But you know that you have to go out – after all, the dog has been waiting for you all day, and number two must be done, it’s not a cat, they will not do it into the litter box.
You come home, angry, tired, you do not even greet this dog, because you want to get it over with as soon as possible, and finally rest for a while.
You take the collar, put it around the dog’s neck and take it outside. He does not want to go, he is shaking with cold, cringing, walking against the wall. You know they feel bad, they are cold, but you keep going – your irritation evel increases. Your energy level is weakened, the body is flooded with stress hormones – adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisol.

What is your dog feeling?

He was waiting for you all day, he would jump to the window whenever a similar car passed by. You come back, you don’t even want to greet him, you take him outside – where it’s cold and rainy, you won’t even put a jacket on him, and you know how he doesn’t like cold, wind and rain. You pull it on a leash, yell – did you know that a dog feels your emotions like no other? He feels your stress and anger– at the moment, the dog’s energy level is also shaking. He also gets stress hormones that are destructive for both of you.
You come back home, the dog runs away to his bed, wonders what he did wrong that you treat him like that. You spend the rest of the afternoon in separate rooms. You are pissed off, dog also full of stress.

At the moment, your and your pet's immune system is weakened. Unfortunately, as as result you are both more vulnerable to all diseases, from colds to diabetes or even cancer.

Rufus Rhodesian Ridgeback in the woods on a walk in a jacket made of softshell with a great comics pattern

What if your dog wears a jacket?

You come home from work pissed off, you still don’t want to go out with your dog, but you know that everything that happened with you today is not his fault … so you greet your friend at the door. It’s raining and blowing outside, you know how much he doesn’t like it, you put on his jacket, collar and leash and then you go. The doggy is very happy that you are finally at home, the weather is hopeless, but thanks to the jacket, the correct body temperature is maintained, the so-called thermal comfort. The doggy does his business, looks at you with his loving eyes, wags its tail. The little devil is dancing like crazy, there is no chance that a smile will not appear on your face right now – at this point everything in your body changes …

Completely different hormones are released, adrenaline is replaced by serotonin, and cortisol by oxytocin. It may only be for a while, but it means a lot to your immune system. The cascade of self-destruction is stopped. You come back home, the dog is happy, puts its muzzle on your lap, gives you its good energy, happiness and gratitude. There is harmony in the dog’s immune system, energy flows smoothly through all chakras. There is no risk of disease.

In a nutshell, this is a simplification, but it shows you exactly how a dog jacket improves your and your dog's health 😊

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