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Here you will find dog jackets, sweatshirts, protective bedspreads and many other interesting products. They will give your pet and the room in which it resides additional protection. The products we have in the store are high quality, colorful, protective, and support your and your pet's health by using natural healing and preventive health methods. Immerse yourself in the world of Mother Nature.





The membrane in the jacket is made of a material that allows air flow.


The material is lightweight, warm and pleasant to wear.


Protection from wind and unpleasant atomsphere conditions.


The softshell material is waterproof. Don't worry about the rain anymore

Protection and support

Here you will find dog clothes that not only protect but also support.

Strengthening ties

We are here to support the relationship between the pet and its companion.



Promotions for our pets

Our store is not just about products. It's about creating beautiful moments and memories together with our beloved dogs. Our dog jackets are a symbol of what is most important to us - the love and goodness we bring to our furry friends.

Take a look at our promotions and join our family that puts well-being and love towards dogs first. Thank you for your trust and support!

A few words about Puppy Charms

Welcome to the Puppy Charms store, a place where love for animals is not only our passion, but also the driving force behind our mission.

We are here to provide your pet with the highest quality care and love it deserves.

In our store you will not only find dog jackets, but also unique products for your pet. In addition, you will discover the true source of closeness and harmony between you and your pet.

For us, animals are not just animals - they are family members, life companions and our most loyal friends.

Therefore, every product we offer is carefully selected and designed with your pet's health, comfort and happiness in mind.


We are here to provide your pooch with the highest quality of care and love it deserves.

We believe in the power of nature and the beauty of simple, holistic solutions. Marked with the whale icon, the products are inspired by naturotherapy for animals.


Color therapy

We use the power, energy, and harmony of color to promote health



Forms a holistic part of emotional and mental health treatment



Reiki energy is designed to restore the body's energy balance



We produce in Europe, our products are free of blood, suffering, and human and child abuse




Hello my friend. You certainly didn't come across our blog by accident, and if so, you need to know one thing. This place. This blog. It is a place where you will find useful information about the care, health and life of your pet. We will try to prepare you a helpful dose of knowledge in a simple but fully professional way.

How our - dog jackets are made.

Products such as a jacket, sweatshirt or bedspread are made in the privacy of our home. Our dogs bravely help us design and come up with patterns and shapes. They are with us at every stage of design. From inventing the form to the final, demanding tests.

Dog jackets and sweatshirts are created based on accumulated experience. More than once we bought jackets that were always imperfect for our dogs. From there we came up with the idea to produce the perfect jacket. We redesigned all the ideas, new solutions, elements that seemed useless and created a jacket "our way." Extremely successful tests have confirmed that this is something that is not available on the market and what dog brothers and sisters lack.

The jacket is comfortable, has all the protective parameters, such as water resistance and protection against cold wind. No cheap, low-quality Chinese materials are used to create it. We make every effort to ensure that dog sweatshirts and jackets are made of high quality materials. From design to the final product, the jacket, sweatshirt and cape are made by wonderful people dedicated to caring for the health of dogs.

What - sets us apart.

Quality, attention to detail and love for animals. Everything we do, we do for animals. For their good. For their health. All our products are made of the highest quality materials.

  • We do not use cheap materials
  • We do not use Chinese materials
  • We do not use bystanders in production

We want everyone to feel needed and noticed. Therefore, anyone who adds something from themselves when creating jackets, sweatshirts or bedspreads is highly rewarded. Together we are happy creating and working for the good cause of the animals.

We believe that good returns, that's why we care about people around us and work on the "Puppy Charms" project together, like one big family.

Where did the idea for - premium dog jacket store come from.

As we wrote earlier. We have already tested a dozen different jackets and sweatshirts for animals. Something was always not quite right. We care very much about our dog family and we want the best for them. Hence, we could not test further and watch them rub, freeze or tangle in the product we bought for their sake.

We decided to create the perfect dog jackets that have everything a dog needs to feel good. The Softshell material is fully waterproof and does not allow the dog to freeze outside during rain or snow. An additional protective membrane is responsible for stopping the cold wind and not cooling down the dog during a walk. The inner layer that has direct contact with the pet's fur, hair or skin is lined with warm and pleasant to the touch fleece. It is designed to keep the dog warm and prevent the dog from cooling down while playing in low temperatures.

Puppy Charms is not just a brand, it is a promise to take care of your pet at every stage of its life. Our products are manufactured with the utmost care and using natural materials. They not only take care of your pet's health, but also strengthen the bond between you.

From soft and colorful sweatshirts to stylish and functional jackets to unique accessories. Each item in our collection is designed to make your dog or cat feel special and loved.

Puppy Charms is not just about products - it's about the story that brought us together. Founded by passionate animal lovers who have experienced difficulties themselves, faced the illness of their beloved pet. It was through these challenges that we discovered the strength and healing power of nature. This is exactly why Puppy Charms was created - to share this power with you and your pet.

Therefore, when you choose Puppy Charms, you are choosing more than just a product. You choose passion, commitment and full dedication to ensure your pet is fully healthy, happy and loved. Join our family community and experience the power that Puppy Charms brings - a brand that cares about your pet.

Come to our store to discover the magic of Puppy Charms. Immerse yourself in a world of love, well-being and closeness that we have created especially for you and your beloved pet. We are here to help you create an amazing story of friendship and mutual care.

The Puppy Charms adventure is just getting started!

How to choose - the right size dog jacket.

We made sure that each dog had a perfectly matched size of his jacket or sweatshirt. By going to the page of a specific product, you can check everything in the size chart. It is worth making sure that our pet is happy from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail.

The size of the clothes is the most important thing. It is thanks to it that the jacket will not move or expose some parts of the body, exposing them to cold or moisture.

For the dog jacket, we should collect three dimensions:

  • length from the neck to the beginning of the tail,
  • chest circumference,
  • neck circumference.

The dog sweatshirt should be looser, so only two measurements should be collected:

  • length from the neck to the beginning of the tail,
  • chest circumference.

Both the jacket and the sweatshirt are dog clothes in several sizes, differing only by a few cm. Therefore, the better the dimensions taken, the better fitting the clothes. To collect dimensions, use a flexible tape measure that fits well with the location from which you are taking the dimension.

And remember! It is better to buy a slightly larger jacket or sweatshirt than one that is too small.