A 3-week health promotion program for you and your pet

3-week health care program for you and your pet “Bright Love”

3-week health care program for you and your pet “Bright Love”

3-week health care program for you and your pet “Bright Love”

We present you an amazing offer that will connect your pet with the extraordinary healing energy of Reiki – an individual 3-week health promotion program for you and your pet conducted by Katarzyna Oleś, co-founder of the Puppy Charms brand, a nature practitioner and bioenergotherapist.

Hello, animal lovers! We present you an extraordinary opportunity - an initial online consultation + remote Reiki treatment, which may become the beginning of changing the life of your beloved pet. And all thanks to our talented therapist and friend of animals.

Have you ever wondered how you can relieve your pet's suffering, help it heal and restore harmony to its body and mind? Thanks to remote Animal Reiki treatment, all these possibilities become a reality.

Reiki Master Katarzyna Kathia Oleś, our talented and experienced specialist, not only has extensive knowledge and skills in the field of conventional medicine, naturopathy, quantum healing, but also has an extraordinary ability to establish a deep, energetic bond with our pets. Her gentle touches and energy flow make animals experience peace, relief and deep healing.

The date of the treatment is mutually agreed by email after the purchase up to 12h on business days.

Don't you believe it! Check out the opinions of our patients who have used Animal Reiki treatments.

Naturotherapy consultation + remote Reiki treatment is for you in the case of:

  • Your pet is struggling with a chronic disease (allergy, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis)

  • Your pet suffers from cancer

  • struggles with anxiety, aggression and withdrawal

  • has undergone rehabilitation or surgery

  • preventively if you want to increase His energy, strengthen the immune system, improve your relationship, and understand His behavior

  • when conventional veterinarians or behaviorists see no other solutions

  • you want to establish a deeper bond between you and your pet, you want to learn about its hidden fears and blockages from the past

  • your pet is in agony, and you want to provide it with peace and solace on this last journey together

Package includes:

  • online meeting 40 - 60 min
  • writing a treatment plan using natural methods (chacrotherapy, Chinese medicine, color therapy, sound therapy, psychosomatics, herbal medicine, dietetics)
  • 1 remote Reiki treatment
The advantages of remote Reiki treatment are invaluable. Your pet will experience:
  • Relief from physical and emotional pain: Kathia, thanks to her skills in working with Reiki energy, can reach the source of an animal's suffering, relieving pain and restoring its comfort.
  • Harmonization of body and mind: through energetic work, the animal regains balance and peace, which translates into its overall health and well-being.
  • Strengthens the immune system: Reiki energy flow stimulates the natural healing forces of your pet's body, strengthening its ability to fight disease and infection.
  • Relaxation and relaxation: remote Animal Reiki treatment allows you to immerse yourself in deep relaxation, release tension, blocked emotions and regain peace, joy and harmony
What is Animal Reiki?

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Animal Reiki and discover the extraordinary power of healing for your pet - no matter the distance! The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes Reiki therapy as a form of therapy under the classification of alternative therapies.

Our remote Reiki treatment is a unique therapy that opens the door to harmony, health and inner balance for your pet.

During an Animal Reiki remote session, an experienced energy therapist focuses his positive energy and intention on your pet to:

  • przywrócić naturalny przepływ energii,
  • unlock possible locks,
  • stimulate self-healing.

Healing energy vibrations are transmitted through space, regardless of distance, so you can experience the results even if you are separated from your pet.

Give your pet the best gift you can give him - remote Reiki treatment, i.e. healing energy and love.
Remote Reiki treatment has a wide range of benefits. Helps with:

  • stress reduction,
  • anxiety and tension,
  • strengthens the immune system,
  • restores energy balance,
  • supports physical and emotional healing

Secondly, our remote Reiki treatment is a convenient option for all owners who want to care for their pet, even if they are separated from each other. Regardless of the distance, we can transfer healing energy to support your pet in the self-healing process.

And finally, Animal Reiki is a beautiful experience for you and your pet. During the session, your pet will feel deep relaxation and inner peace, and you can observe the positive changes that occur in his behavior, health and well-being.

Animal Reiki can be used in a variety of situations, such as supporting the treatment of illness, rehabilitating from injuries, reducing stress and anxiety in animals, increasing their trust and improving the bond between animals and their caregivers.
Animal Reiki not only relieves stress, anxiety and tension, but also helps in the treatment of physical ailments. It supports the immune system, reduces pain and inflammation, and accelerates the healing process of wounds and injuries.

It is worth emphasizing the fact that Reiki is not an invention of modern marketing.

On the PubMed portal - which is the largest online database of international articles in the field of medicine and biological sciences. (The portal was established by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), which is part of the National Library of Medicine, part of the National Institutes of Health) we can find dozens of studies conducted by numerous international medical and veterinary communities, which clearly indicate that Reiki has a beneficial effect on human and animal health. It supports treatment and convalescence processes, alleviates the symptoms of the disease and limits the supply of painkillers.

Why is it worth choosing a naturotherapy consultation + remote Reiki treatment Compassion package?

It's simple. First of all, it is a unique opportunity to receive professional knowledge, care and support for your pet, even at home (you eliminate your pet's stress with another visit to the vet).

You gain the opportunity to understand what is causing your pet's illness or strange behavior.

You will learn proven, natural ways to strengthen your pet.

Very often, the animal is stressed in the veterinary office, there are dozens of other animals outside the door, there is no time for a calm conversation, not only about the disease itself, but also about what's next:

  • how to rebuild bacterial flora after antibiotics
  • how to cleanse the digestive system and kidneys after surgery (when the pet's body is loaded with sedatives, painkillers or narcotics)
  • how to take care of a wound, how to strengthen the immune system
  • how to help you lose excess weight naturally
  • how to increase muscle mass
  • how to protect your pet after sterilization - when its hormonal system goes crazy
  • how to enrich your diet with natural supplements and herbs
Don't you believe it! Read more.

But that's not all! By choosing a naturotherapy consultation + remote Reiki treatment in the Compassion package, you gain a unique opportunity to help an animal in need. Catherine Oleś, our reliable therapist, has a gift and passion for healing animals. Her combination of knowledge, empathy and the ability to impart knowledge means that your pet receives the best care imaginable.

Don't delay! Take advantage of this unique opportunity. Come with an open heart and Catherine will guide you through the healing process, bringing hope, love and optimism to your pet.

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