Welcome to our doggy world.
All our products are made to keep us warm and comfy.

Rufus himself. Participate in every aspect of the store's development. He is the boss in the store.


I was born on an ostrich farm near Warsaw. I am the boss in the store. Calm, composed and patient at all times. I keep the deadlines (especially those regarding food). I participate in every aspect of the store's development. I supervise every stage of work, expecting the best results. This shop is the third most important thing in my life (right after eating and sleeping). If you have questions about anything, contact me on my email address: shop@puppycharms.com. I will ask my employees to write you back.

Casey herself. In the store is make sure that shopping is safe, easy and that everything runs smoothly.


Despite my age, I have seen and experienced many terrible things in my life. I spent the first two months of my life on a pseudo-breeding farm, where they forced me to fight for a place to sleep, access to my mother, food and other necessities. Fortunately, I was saved by my current parents. To this day, I remember my siblings and I hope that their life looks like mine, i.e. sweet and carefree. In the store I make sure that shopping is safe, easy and that everything runs smoothly. I am the head of security, and in case of problems, I will solve them myself.

Lucy herself. In the store, is a designer, artistic soul.


I was born in the same kennel as Rufus (my older brother). I am the brightest, wisest and most obedient (I'd like to, but unfortunately the facts are different). The truth is, I have my own character for which I am loved by everyone around. I am a volcano of inexhaustible energy, constantly on the move, looking for new challenges night and day. Light soul as parents say. In the store, I act as a designer, artistic soul. If you have an idea for a project, write to me and I will implement it for you.

Katarzyna with Rufus send smile

Katarzyna (mom)

Dear mother, patient, caring, warm and full of sympathy for every pet. Natural medicine lover who uses it towards each of us. We are healthy because she has incredible knowledge which she applies to us. She massages us, uses colour therapy, music therapy, and even utters some strange spells in our direction. Full of energy, she runs with us every day in the forest for which we love her because we need a lot of exercise, and she knows it perfectly well. She can't scream when we do something wrong (I think it is Dad’s role) . It seems to us that she gives us too little food, although she thinks otherwise because she reads the notes on the food labels and meticulously counts out every gram. She holds the title of specialist in emergency medicine as well as public health and health promotion. She confirms her skills with diplomas obtained at the Medical University of Lodz during 5 years of study so we trust her.

Daniel working with Casey

Daniel (dad)

A great man, always happy, cheerful and full of energy (just like Lucy). Sometimes he runs around the garden, chasing us and a stick that we want to eat in peace. When he gets into the car, we just wait and see where he will take us this time: to a park, a meadow, a new forest, water, the mountains (we think he hardly ever knows himself). He loves running in the mountains, we hear him tell his mother when he comes back from some competitions saying that he ran 60 km or more (what's wrong with him, how can you do that ??? !!). He created this online store by himself, sitting at the computer burning the midnight oil. He takes pictures of us even though we don’t want to pose ... he chases us in the woods with a camera and takes shots and we run away from him (it's a lot of fun) 🙂

Puppy Charms family, Casey, Lucy, Rufus Daniel and Katarzyna

Two breeds, three characters, one heart

Hi, this is Rufus, Lucy and Casey, we are a crazy pack of three large but adorable dogs. Two Rhodesians Ridgebacks and one Great Dane. We live in Poland, in the suburbs of Lodz, where we have a lot of space to run and play. We have a house with a big garden and a big forest on our doorstep where we can stretch our paws running wherever we want. Sometimes we meet different animals, so far we have seen a roe deer (they are very fast and agile, you can’t catch up with them), wild boars (we don’t like them) and those little red ones jumping on the trees – I think they are squirrels.

We Rhodesians like warm weather and when it rains we don’t want to leave home. Great Dane doesn’t seem to care, she always wants to go outside (what’s wrong with her? Or what’s wrong with us?).
Our parents used to buy us jackets that restricted our movements and tore when we ran. They were made of some cheap material that didn’t keep us warm. They were made of poor threads that kept getting torn, and they were made in a hurry because they were of very poor quality.

Rufus, Lucy & Casey

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A few facts about us
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kilometers traveled in our jackets (and still counting)


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